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Our planning firm provides our clients with a wide range of asset protection, money management, insurance, and tax planning strategies and services. These services include helping our clients to reduce the federal estate tax, the capital gains tax, as well as state and federal income taxes. Other taxes and probate costs can also be reduced. Many of these taxes dramatically affect your family and your heirs’ future financial security, and they may be optional with professional pre-planning.

BA-Group and associates is a planning and consulting firm that provides Geneva Institute members with a wide range of advisory services from asset protection and money management to estate and tax planning strategies. These services include helping members to better manage assets, and to lawfully reduce taxes with strategies within the black-and-white of the law. No gray areas that could result in challenges in the future.


Our goal is to help Geneva Institute members toward financial security and peace of mind, whether they live too long, die too soon, or become sick or hurt and unable to work. We are a full- service financial, insurance, tax and estate planning company. We have been working in the Monterey Bay Area of California since 1978.

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