Business Consulting Services


BA G ROUP, LLC has joined a national team of business consulting services professionals who provide the most advanced and comprehensive suite of business consulting solutions and services in existence. Whether a business requires operating capital, cost reduction services, synergistic alliances, strategic management, or more, our team of consultants is the best, possibly only, solution available.  We invite you to review and consider how our team may benefit you or your business and then contact us for a no-obligation meeting.

We are proud to offer the most comprehensive retirement planning and proprietary business consulting services in the industry. Through our combined services and platforms, our partners have saved the business owners we serve, hundreds of millions of dollars and have done so at no risk or cost to them.

We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our team’s expertise. We want to be a resource to you for life.  Some of the many valuable services we provide your business include:

Cost Segregation Services, a tax planning strategy that accelerates depreciation and deductions and defers tax payments on commercial property.

Commercial Lending Services, traditional and non-traditional

Specialized tax incentives. We have helped our clients to save millions in local, state and federal tax incentives. Our industry experts work with our clients to discover which incentives they are eligible for. Fees are based on a percentage of savings.

Business Brokerage (using one of the oldest and largest services in the country)

Property Tax Audits review of real and personal property tax assessments saves our clients on average 18% or more each year.

If you believe you pay too much income or property taxes, and would like to reduce the tax burden, our team of tax experts can help you. Our team of tax lawyers and CPAs can work with your current advisors to bring additional value and savings to your business.

Workers Comp Audits …Business owners may be entitled to substantial refunds! 70% of all employers over pay their workers compensation premium costs. Our team performs a review to determine if there is a significant opportunity for a lower rated classification as they are typically determined by insurance company underwriters?

Credit Card Merchant Audit helps your business to reduce payment processing expenses. Our proprietary tools audit and analyze credit card processing and provide transparency to merchant fees and statements. Our fees are based on a percentage of the savings.

Waste and Recycling Audit includes finding loopholes by conducting a thorough review of your property, past invoices, and pricing schedules; whether the property is located in a city with set pricing or an open market, we know what it takes to uncover a big savings for our clients.

Parcel Shipping Expense Audits Save money! Company software downloads carrier invoices and secures refunds for our clients’. Our processes are not intrusive. Our billing is based on a percentage of received refunds.

Retirement Planning Option is better than an IRA or 401(K) plan in many ways. The IRA and 401(K) plan have market risks, high fees and taxes, so the average retiree loses to 50% of their benefits when they want and need them the most.  Our recommended plan offers greater flexibility with unlimited contributions and grows tax-free. It can be custom designed to be tax deductible and to help you to plan for your future financial security with minimum risks. If you like to explore this option, we invite your inquiry.

Our team can help you to significantly reduce and refine your operational expenses.  We are so confident in the work and services that we provide, that we spend our time and money providing assessments and proposals at NO cost or obligation to your business. When working with our team of professionals, you will know exactly what you are getting prior to incurring ANY cost or obligation.

Our team may save our clients significant money without risk at no cost to our clients, unless your company can save money! Then our fee is paid based on how much money you save. If our team cannot help you to save money, there is no cost to you or your business! We are 100% performance based.

We serve a wide range of clientele in most industries, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our team’s expertise. We want to be a resource to you for life.  The initial consultation is a simple and quick process. To schedule your no-obligation consultation, please contact us. Let’s find out how much money, time and stress we can save you and your company.